Avoiding The Sting…

wasp2This weekend, I watched my husband diligently declare war on a big wasp nest around our home.  I laughed at him as he shot the wasp spray then ran inside the screened porch in fear of being attacked and stung.  He sprayed under the siding where the nest was located, along with any lingering wasps flying in the area.  The wasps that were not hit flew around trying to get back to the nest to see what was going on.  Some of the wasps inside came pouring out to freedom, but others did not make it past coming out before falling to the ground, not able to withstand the contents of the can.
As I was watched the wasps, I realized addiction can affect our lives in much of the same way.  Some of us are around the outside, never having experienced addiction and the chaos it creates.  Some of us have been addicted, hitting the ground never to find our way up wasp4again.  Some have had  addiction in their lives and have found freedom from the destruction.  Unfortunately though, there are still so many out there who are searching for freedom from addiction, but do not know where to turn.  To those who have never known anyone who suffers from addiction or experienced the chaos addiction can cause, I am happy for you.  To those who have lost loved ones to addiction, I am so sorry for your loss.  To those who are still in the throes of addiction-fueled chaos and are searching for freedom, I understand where you are and where you want to go.  Sometimes we can be so caught up in our current positions in life, we become afraid of what might be.  Just as the wasps kept flying around trying to get back to what they are familiar with (their home and security), we can behave similarly with our choice of remaining in chaos.  In the midst of the chaos, we wasp5inadvertently become blind to the freedom that is right outside of the storm surrounding us.  We repeatedly go back to what we feel secure with and where we feel home is.  Leaving behind and learning to live life without the false security we have built our life around is hard to do.  Without the right guidance and help, we can find ourselves going back and forth, in and out of addiction.  This is an all too common and very vicious cycle.
Regardless of where we are in life, we all have felt some sort of chaos.  The team at waspendingpictureRecovery Through Rediscovery is here and ready to serve you, to help guide you through your journey to freedom.  We will help you conquer your fears and realize the joy and peace that is waiting on the other side.  Please, call us and make that first step!

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