Do you want to be with the cockroaches?

hiding1I was preparing a lesson on darkness and the light and this came to my mind.   I usually wait until the end of a lesson to ask such questions, but I think it is important to get this one out in the open now!  Are you in thehiding3 darkness?   What are you hiding from?  Are you secure and happy with your secrets in the darkness or are the lies catching up with you?
I have a great analogy about darkness and light that I want to share.  You are in the darkness with your secrets and lies.  What happens when you are exposed by the light?  Oh no, I am caught!  What do I do now?  This reminds me of an apartment my husband and I lived in when we first married.  I know bugs are common, but thankfully I was not exposed to them on the inside of my childhood home.  Anyway, my husband and I were so excited to get our first place and start our new life.  One night though, in the middle of the night, I turned on the light to go to the bathroom.  To my horror, there were what seemed like cockroach2hundreds of cockroaches crawling around.  I mean, let’s be real….cockroaches are nasty and they leave nasty droppings everywhere!  They were crawling all over the bathroom mirror, sink, countertop and anywhere else you can imagine.  Needless to say, I screamed!  I quickly turned the light off and went to my new, great protector that was supposed to make everything better…my husband!  Its no surprise, however, that I could not sleep that night.  In fact, there were many nights in the future I could not sleep because all I could see were the bugs crawling around in the dark.  Even worse, I would imagine that when I turned on the light, they would be exposed and I would have to see them in great numbers!  Gross!!!!!
truth4All laughs aside though, when we live in the darkness with our lies and secrets, we chance them being exposed like the cockroaches in my first apartment.  They multiply, grow, get bigger and eventually overtake us.  We are so deep in the dark we cannot even see them for what they are!  When people approach us, hounding us and asking questions because our lies are not matching up, we think we are so lies1clever because we come up with another lie to cover up the last.  We do not want to see the light!  And if we are being honest with ourselves, we definitely do not want people to see all the cockroaches we have hidden in the darkness.
Do not be discouraged though friends!  I know of a Light…a great Light of peace, joy and tranquility.  You can be open and honest.  You do not have to stay in the dark with the bugs…you do not have to come up with new lies to cover the old.  Be completely honest with yourself just this once…are you tired yet?  The Light you can be light1shown does have its challenges, but the indescribable rewards far outnumber the challenges, which are a wonder to behold.  Please contact us at Recovery Through Rediscovery.  We want to help you find the Light, help you exposelight2 everything in your own darkness so you don’t have to hide anymore.  No more secrets!!!  I know it sounds good!  So, why don’t you give it a try?!  I know what you are doing now is not working but, if by some small chance it is…someday the light will come on.  The light always comes on.  I know Who and What the true Protector is and I want to share.  I look so forward to hearing from you soon.  Contact us ANYTIME!!

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