What Path Will You Choose?

circleoflife3I have been very mindful this week of relationships.  As I look at all my present relationships and past relationships, I see a pattern in my life.  It does not matter where we come from or who raised us.  We all have patterns in our lives.  I am sure you have heard the expression, “The Circle of Life.”  I don’t know about you, but my life represents more of a zig zag pattern than an actual circle.  Maybe the circle is the beginning and the end of life, but does not count what is in between.  I have had many relationships in my life.  Some have been edifying, encouraging, loving and caring.  I have also hadzigzag1 relationships that were hurtful, damaging and deceitful.  All relationships lead us down particular paths in life.  Don’t get me wrong though, whether a path is chosen or is traveled out of naivety, each person is still responsible for the path they have taken.  In any damaging relationship, negative thoughts of, “I am not good enough…”, “They don’t care anyway…” or “I am only hurting myself…” constantly plague the mind.  In cases of naivety, thoughts including, “I need to do this so I am loved…”, “If I do this I won’t be left…” or “They love me and would never hurt me…” beawareswirl just as often.  We have all been somewhere on this spectrum in our personal relationships.  Some may choose to believe deceitful things they are told about themselves or a situation, which leads to unhealthy paths being followed.  I am asking you to be WATCHFUL!  Be AWARE! Lookwatchful-eyes around you!  Who is in your life today?  Is it someone edifying, walking down a healthy path?  Or, is it someone who continues to walk and/or lead you down a destructive path?
You are better than this.  There is a firm foundation you can stand on so the zig zagging in life will stop.  The destructive road can be your past.  Isn’t it time to walk in relationshipsfirm-foundation-2 that are edifying, caring, loving and healthy?  We all crave those relationships.  We are not meant to live in this world alone.  We have Someone greater Who loves us and Who will lead us where He wants us to be.  This relationship will teach us about the true joy and true peace.  Sound great?  I think so too!  Please call.  We are here, looking forward to guiding you to your firm foundation!
In Him we have the greatest joy…the sweetest peace…the highest hope!
Have a blessed day!

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