thankful2Last week, I got a text from a friend who told me it was gratitude day.  She asked me to reply to her with 3 things of which I am grateful.  I sent my reply.  In my message, I included my thoughts about what a great question this was as well as my thanks that she asked.  She then told me she sends this to a group of her friends often and enjoys reading their responses.  No doubt, when my friend reads these messages about her friends’ gratitude, it helps her focus on her blessings as well.

The definition for gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to bigstock-gratitude-22724237return kindness.  If we as people think about it, finding something we are thankful for daily would be easy.  What exactly we are grateful for would depend where we are in life.  Some of us may be grateful for faith, family, friends and for things we are given.  Some of us may have been on a road to destruction and have lost3turned ourselves around on to a road to recovery, giving us days of gratitude in between struggles.  Mainly sobriety!  Some of us might have unhealthy gratitude such as a new fix, another bottle of alcohol, a new porn site or a new store to shop.  Unhealthy gratitude will lead us to a life of destruction and before long, misery.  The definition for misery is a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind or body.  The question I pose to you today is this: If you find yourself today with an unhealthy gratitude, is this where you really want to be?  My guess is no, its not.  I know somewhere inside, you are longing for ways to shed the misery and discomfort for something more fulfilling.  The road of misery is long, lonely and leads nowhere.  You are finding joy in your substance now, but even getting to a place of fulfillment with its use is getting harder and harder to achieve each day.  Is there an end to it all?  Will there ever be a day you can stop?  You might think this is impossible.  You are tired physically, emotionally and mentally.  If you have not figured this out yet, you will soon find out there are no winners in this.

mustard-seed-3I posted a blog about mustard seeds sometime ago.  My daughter showed me a mustard seed yesterday as ingredients were put together for a recipe.  She held it up to me and said, “the faith of a mustard seed, look how small this seed really is.”  If you get a chance to look at a mustard seed and see overcoming-1how small it actually is, I think it will amaze you what little faith is needed to pull you out of your misery.  A fulfillment that will last longer than a minute, an hour or a day.  I am talking lifelong fulfillment, joy and peace.  We want to walk with you and show you that even faith the size of a mustard seed can do in your life.  There is an end to this road you are on.  Days of a healthy gratitude are not far away.  Please call us and we can start this journey together.


pride-10Once I was in a certain class and the word pride was brought up.  I was the first to respond and I immediately stated, “I am not prideful so this does not apply to me.”  The circle continued with the others describing their own struggle with pride.  The more I heard, the more I realized I might have an issue with pride.  Once everyone was done speaking, I raised my hand and asked if I could speak again.  I admitted after hearing others speak of pride that I misunderstood what it actually meant.  There are different types of pride.  I now understand that through my struggles with fear, anxiety and control and by my lack of admitting and/or not seeking help, my pride was in the way.  If you are proud of your children, husband or friend for an accomplishment, this is a healthy pride.  The pride I am talking about prohibits us from seeing the truth about ourselves.  Since pride does creep in, I have now realized that when I start to believe I can do this all on my own, I have to take a step back and honestly examine my intentions.  Pride is there but it is not loud.  Each day, I take time to meditate and pray seeking a humble heart.  We have been given free choice and with that free choice we are given a responsibility to examine ourselves and ourpride-11 motives.  I believe a lot of us go through life thinking we have it all together and need no one.  We also have thoughts that if people really knew who we are and what we are doing, they may not want us around.  With this prideful thinking, we get caught up in whirlwinds that we create and can see no way out.

I read these two statements in an article and thought they were interestingly true, so I will share them with you:

1.  Some never get started on their destiny because they cannot humble themselves to       learn, grow and change.
2.  The widespread, chronic pre-occupation with self in American culture, for example        is rooted in pride   and can give rise to or intensify our emotional problems.

pride-5When we let go of our pride, we are humbled.  When we are humbled, our ability to transform begins.  The root of any addiction is pride.  We need to learn to let go of it and make the change!  Once you let down your pride and admit your addiction, all else will fall in to place.  Is it easy?  Absolutely not!  If we make the change and let it go, you begin to change one day at a time.  We are creatures of habit.  We have to do things slowly and methodically for anything to become a habit.  As we slowly take the path of change, daily it will become easier.  If we get too far ahead of ourselves, we get lost,  lose focus and eventually want to give up. pride-9

I am asking you to take the first step.  Drop your pride and see what great changes will happen in your life!  The team at Recovery Through Rediscovery is here ready to help you.  Please contact us anytime.