One of those days…

dayblog9Have you ever had “just one of those days….”?  I had one of those days last Friday.  One thing piled right on top of the other.  As the day wore one, I started having the heavy feeling of, “Is this day ever going to end?”  As a matter of fact, my day ended with a flat tire on my way home from a meeting, which I attend every Friday evening.  Did I mention it was late, I was in the country and not another car was in sight?  Yes, I thought, “Perfect ending to a perfect day!”  However thankfully, I was able to make it to the gas station.  Sitting in my truck, I asked God, “What am I going to do now?”  I cannot change a flat tiredayblog10 and I didn’t even know where the spare tire was!  As I sat there though, I watched a few men go in the store.  With some hesitation, I went and asked for help.  As a side note, asking for help is difficult for me.  I am one of those people who thinks she can do it all on her own.  Nevertheless, I summoned the courage and I asked anyone and everyone, in general, if they would be willing to help me change a flat tire.  That’s when I was humbled, as not one, but five men came to help me, along with one of their wives and children.  I was dayblog4overwhelmed with gratitude for their generosity in helping me.  I said as much to the woman that I was standing with.  She smiled and said, “This is small town, we help each other.”  I am pretty sure their generous spirits hit me so profoundly because of the day I’d had.  It was at this time I was reminded… I am never alone.  He willdayblog2 always be there in my time of need.  I saw God at work Friday night in each one of the people I was surrounded by.  How ironic is it then, that at the meeting I attended earlier that night, the message was on gratitude.  After the flat tire I could not help being in awe at seeing how “one of those days…” came to an end with overwhelming gratitude!
Ecclesiastes 3:9-10   Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.  For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion.  But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.
dayblog1If you are reading this blog, I want to remind you to surround yourself with those that will help you.  Asking for help is difficult for some, especially when we are certain no one will understand the current circumstances in our lives.  Shame and guilt can paralyze us into NOT becoming what we are intended to be.  If you are one of those that need help, please reach out.  We at Recovery Through Rediscovery are here with our arms outstretched to you.  Addiction is just a symptom of something going on in yourdayblog7 life.  I know you are tired…  I have had those days too, as have many others.  You know the only difference between you and them?  They held out their hand and asked for help.  No matter how you view yourself now, you are loved and you do have a purpose.  Please call us at 931-364-2570 and let us help you on your journey to a grateful, humbled and purposeful life!

The Fall

I love my grandchildren.  I am so blessed to have them in my life.  They keep me young and make me feel old all at the same time.  I was in the front yard this past weekend playing football with my grandson.  We started off by throwing the football back and forth.  It did not take long for him to incorporate more than throwing the football back and forth.  He began to setup plays with fake interceptions, running plays and finally tackling.  I felt young when we first started and I was excited to extend the play.  When it was my fallblog1turn to catch the set up interception and run to score, I embarrassingly stumbled, tripped over my own two feet and fell to the ground despite attempting to stay on my feet.  As I was falling to the ground I was thinking of my age and how much it was going to hurt.  Embarrassingly, I got to my feet and told my grandson I was okay, but I would not be running the plays any longer.  He understood and we continued to throw the football back and forth.  He found joy and happiness in just throwing the football back and forth.
fallblog5Children have it all together.  The simple thoughts.  The simple joy and happiness.  We are to model ourselves after children.  When we begin to grow and get older, we become tainted to joy and happiness through life’s hardships.  We stumble, fumble, lose our footing and fall to the ground.  We have two choices.  We can get back up or we can stay down on the ground.  The fall might be gradual.  It might start out as simply as throwing the ball back and forth.  After time, we find ourselves adding more and more pleasures to cover the pain we have experienced, which in turn throws us into full chaos.  As youfallblog4 were falling, you may have been thinking as I did, “This is going to hurt!”  You might have had the thought of, “What am I doing?”  Another burden, as you fall, could be knowing what you are doing is going to hurt others around you.  Some get up faster than others.  There are some that need hope, encouragement or someone to listen to them, wondering even if it’s possible to get up off the ground.  Do you long for the days of simple thoughts, joy and happiness?
fallblog7No matter where you started and where you are now, we are here to help you in your journey.  You have to be the one to move off the ground, but our hands are ready to grip yours to help pull you up.  Please call Recovery Through Rediscovery today (931) 364-2570.  We are here for you.