Imagine, Believe, Achieve…

I just posted the following quote on the Recovery Through Rediscovery Facebook page and it is so profound, I am going to write about it this week.
We all suffer from addiction of some sort.  Addiction is a word that has become used loosely in our culture.  However, to those who are truly trapped in an addictive lifestyle of substance abuse or behaviors, it is not a loose word.  It IS reality.  A reality where we can only IMAGINE how we got to this place.  IMAGINE how quickly things spiraled out of controbelieveblog3l.  IMAGINE a life without our fix or how life would be without it.  No one can ever IMAGINE this life of torture, guilt, shame and defeat.  Who would want to be in that life right?  There are people out there, right now, trying to climb out of the life of denial, but are fearful of what is on the other side.  There are people who have no hope.  There are those who do not know how to move forward.  There are some who could never imagine being where they are but, they are.  To you, I say…..

BELIEVE that it will be okay.  BELIEVE that your addiction or compulsive behavior that is holding you captive can be overcome.  BELIEVE there are people waiting to help.  BELIEVE there is believeblog6something greater on the other side.  BELIEVE that it will be hard but, the reward of freedom is greater.  BELIEVE you don’t have to have all the answers but, the answers will come.

As the quote says, IMAGINE and BELIEVE with all your heart.  If we give all our heart in something, we begin to find the HOPE of just maybe.  The belief and hope will get us into action.  Action to ACHIEVE.  ACHIEVE a better way of life.  ACHIEVE the impossible.  ACHIEVE to live our daily lives in freedom instead of weighted down with chains.  ACHIEVE healing in relationships that we thought could never be healed.   ACHIEVE having a job and being able to keep it.  ACHIEVE sobriety and staying sober.

believeblog5What are you waiting for?  Even if we are in denial about how bad it really is, we do not have to look far to know we want a way out.  Deep down in all of our hearts we want a better way.  Find your way out.  Our hands are open to grab on to yours to help you on your journey.  Please call.

With ALL YOUR HEART, BELIEVE, IMAGINE, and ACHIEVE the impossible!!!


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